Hayashi LA-HLF100

傳統LED燈箱光源機 4 倍亮度

Accurate, Affective, Automation

機械視覺百分百的精確度 與24小時自動化方案

Accurate, Affective, Automation


UI-5260CP-C-HQ Rev.2

商品類別:IDS Camera 1/1.2吋 235萬畫素

IDS Camera GigE CP系列 235萬畫素 彩色攝影機

1/1.2" CMOS Global Shutter Sensor

Resolution : 1936 × 1216 (2.35 Mega Pixel)

Pixel Size : 5.86 um

Frame Rate : 47


IDS Camera UI-5260CP-C-HQ Rev.2 Sensor

ModelUI-5260CP-C-HQ Rev.2
Sensor Type
CMOS Color
ShutterGlobal Shutter
Sensor Characteristic
Readout Mode
Progressive Scan
Pixel Class
2 MP
Resolution1936 × 1216 Pixel (2.35 Mpix)
Aspect Ratio
ADC12 bit
Color Depth (camera)
12 bit
Optical Sensor Class
Optical Size11.340mm × 7.130mm
Optical Sensor Diagonal13.4mm (1/1.19")
Pixel Size5.86um
Sensor ModelIMX249LQJ-C
Gain (master/RGB)24x / 4x
AOI Horizontalsame frame rate
AOI Verticalincreased frame rate
AOI Image Width / Step Width96 / 8
AOI Image Height / Step Width2 / 2
AOI Position Grid (Horizontal / Vertical)8 / 2
Binning Horizontal-
Binning Vertical-
Binning Method-
Binning Factor-
Subsampling Horizontalsame frame rate
Subsampling Verticalsame frame rate
Subsampling MethodM / C automatic
Subsampling Factor2 , 4 , 6 , 8 , 16

IDS Camera UI-5260CP-C-HQ Rev.2 Model

Pixel Clock Range
30 MHz ~ 140 MHz
Frame Rate Freerun Mode
Frame Rate Trigger (continuous)47
Frame Rate trigger (maximum)47
Exposure Time (minimum ~ maximum)
0.030 ms ~ 998 ms
Long Exposure (maximm)30000 ms
Power Consumption1.7W ~ 3.2W
Image Memory120 MB
Special FeaturesIDS line scan mode , Overlap trigger

IDS Camera UI-5260CP-C-HQ Rev.2 Ambient conditions

   The temperature values given below refer to the outer device temperature of the camera housing
Device Temperature During Operation
0°C ~ 55°C / 32°F ~ 131°F
Device Temperature During Storage
-20°C ~ 60°C / -4°F ~ 140°F
Humidity (relative , non-condensing)20% ~ 80%

IDS Camera UI-5260CP-C-HQ Rev.2 Connectors

Interface Connector
GigE RJ45 , screwable
I/O Connector
8-pin Hirose connector
Power Supply
12V ~ 24V or PoE

IDS Camera UI-5260CP-C-HQ Rev.2 Design

Lens Mount
IP CodeIP30
Dimensions H/W/L29.0mm × 29.0mm × 29.0mm
Mass50 g

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